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Design Your Own BBCode

BBCode Syntax:
HTML Syntax:

Example of BBCode Designing

BBCode Syntax  =  [color={colorcode}]{text}[/color]
HTML Syntax    =  <span style="color: {colorcode};">{text}</span>
Fields         =  {colorcode};{text}

Default Built-In BBCode Rules

Example: [b]your text here[/b]

Example: [u]your text here[/u]

Example: [i]your text here[/i]

Example: [color=red]your text here[/color]
Example: [color=#525252]your text here[/color]

Example: [size=20]your text here[/size]

Example: [font=brush script mt,30]Changing the font[/font]

Example: [font=brush script mt]Changing the font[/font]

Example: [code]your text here[/code]

Example: [url][/url]

Example: [url=]Visit the Authur's Website[/url]

Example: [img][/img]

Example: [img,300,200][/img]

Example: [youtube,560,315]_dpSEjaKqSE[/youtube]

Example: [youtube]_dpSEjaKqSE[/youtube]

Generated HTML:

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